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Live Every Moment. Laugh Everyday. Love Beyond Words.

Happiness! I am doing my very first post here at And to start anew, this post defines how this blog is going to be:

“Live every moment,
Laugh everyday,
Love beyond words.”

The quote inspires me how to live my everyday with the people I love and friends I treasure. So when the Calligraphy Class at the Itaewon Global Village Center came out, I knew just what to write in my calligraphy wall poster. Our teacher was선생님Jo Yoon Gon, President of the Korean Calligraphy Academy. He tried his best to translate and came up with this:

The Korean version above when strictly translated is:

“Always smile,
Let’s love”.

But from a local Korean’s perspective, the meaning is beautiful and almost the same as its English version. The Calligraphy class was filled with enthusiastic attendees. And so were all the other Calligraphy classes before and after the one I attended. Attendees are mostly expat wives like me who can only have our ME time when our husband is at work and our children are at school.

My life here in South Korea as a stay-at-home Mom is a daily dedication to my husband and my growing sons. So when I get the chance to enjoy my time without the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother, I protect those times and get the most joy in them as much as I can.


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9 thoughts on “Live Every Moment. Laugh Everyday. Love Beyond Words.

  1. This is so wise and fitting Wendy. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat-race life and forget to live…to laugh and intentionally love. Warm wishes for a successful new blog:)

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