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A Louis Vuitton Exhibition at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Zara Hadid‘s iconic architectural masterpiece, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, is now playing host to the masterpieces of lifestyle and fashion brand icon Louis Vuittton in Louis Vuitton Exhibition “Volez Voguez Voyagez”. Translated to “Sail, Fly, Travel”, the Exhibition brought us back to 1835 when Louis Vuitton left on foot his native village and arrived in Paris two years after.

The luxurious display showcased the Trunk of 1906 in a raised and revolving platform:

#LouisVuitton exhibit at the #DongdaemunDesignPlaza

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Its 10 chapters see us through the brand’s travels of craftsmanship whether it be through flying all over the world, sailing on yachts or comfortably settling in on luxurious trains. The brand has evolved from flat trunks to steamer bags to luxury purses. It now has its own complete lifestyle collection encompassing haute coutere, scents, jewelries and even stationeries.

LV Exhibition encompassing the whole luxurious lifestyle

When I think of the luxurious lifestyle of the previous century, I think about their train travels and their trunks… and now look at this elegant design with a moving train backdrop that gives us a slight glimpse of their lifestyle:

This Seoul Exhibition has 10 chapters compared to the original 9 chapters during its first exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris from December 4, 2015 to February 21, 2016. The 10th part in this particular Exhibition is entitled “Inspirational Korea” and displays connections (no matter how remote:->) between Korean traditional pieces and Louis Vuitton. The most that I can relate to is the LV custom-made skate trunk for South Korean top gymnast Kim Yuna:

LV custom-made trunk for Kim Yuna

There’s also a demonstration of how a Louis Vuitton bag is created. Although the language spoken is in Korean, it is still an interesting addition to the Exhibition.

The Seoul leg of this Exhibition started on June 8, 2017 and will end on August 28, 2017. I don’t own an LV and I can’t relate to the exhilarating pride that an LV-owner possesses but for an hour, my friends and I immersed ourselves in the luxury that is Louis Vuitton. And the best part? Entrance is free!

You may go over to Dongdaemun Design Plaza Art Hall and walk into the Exhibition (depending on the number of attendees) or you may register here: Volez Voguez Voyagez to assure your entry!


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12 thoughts on “A Louis Vuitton Exhibition at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza

  1. Very interesting Wendy. Kim Yuna had a specially made case from LV, that’s pretty funny. haha
    I never knew that the history of LV was so far back. Sounds like an interesting exhibition. Glad you enjoyed the luxurious visit.

    1. Yeah, I guess we are all quite surprise about her custom-made skate board trunk. And when I checked on it after the visit, there was a short article about it before:-)

  2. This looks a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I’m not really into Louis Vutton but his life story and journey into fashion is interesting. It crazy how one name becomes the signature for a lifestyle! The tenth exhibit had me rolling with laughter. Oh, Korea! 🙂

  3. I can’t say I’m too much into designer anything, especially LV cuz it feels like everyone and their dog seems to have one these days, but this looks like an interesting exhibit and it’s always great to visit the DDP!

  4. I wonder if Kim Yuna ever got to travel with her LV case? Considering current baggage restrictions on most airlines, she probably couldn’t fit a lot in it…

  5. LV is so iconic! I was very into fashion in high school (not so much these days) and I remember the beautiful editorials they always did (and still do). This exhibition, while not something I’d attend, seems great!

  6. I do own a Louis Vuitton handbag, and actually, I do not feel exhilaration or pride when I use it. The bag itself is nice, with pretty and intricate detailing. I think that wearing designer items, particularly items which explicitly show off symbols of wealth and social status (like the LV logo) often sends out a message about the wearer. It’s up to the observer whether that message is positive or negative.
    I did really like your brief mention of the history behind the Louis Vuitton brand.

  7. Ughhhh I miss all the exhibitions hosted by Korea! They do a great job at crafting visually evocative presentations and I would expect nothing less than this gorgeous presentation celebrating Louis Vuitton. I love the Victorian era exhibits and if they were still creating traveling trunks, I would probably splurge on those! I don’t think it would be very baggage weight compliant, but a girl can dream!

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