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CEREALIST: The New Theme Cafe in Town

Arianne, the lady entrepreneur behind Cerealist, went live in Karla’s Travel with Karla FB page. My interest perked up because of the lady, a well-spoken Filipina, and the very colorful and youthful Cerealist logo.

And things just fell into place. I set a date with my Seoul little sister, Mary Ann, who happens to be dorm-mates with Arianne back at the St. Louis University dormitory in Baguio. Small world, eh?

I came from Itaewon and Mary Ann came from her workplace. We are both moms who have children waiting at home but, we chose to have a little bit of fun first… after all, as Dr. Seuss says, “If you never did, you SHOULD. These things are FUN, and FUN is good!”

And that is exactly what greeted us when we arrived at the Cerealist Cafe:

What is Cerealist Cafe?

Cerealist Cafe offers a variety of cereals, both easily available in the Korean market and those which are hard to find and can only be bought overseas. It has in its collection rare to find cereal flavors like Lucky Charms and Reese’s Puffs. I trusted Arianne with my cereals combination so I got Reese’s Puffs and Grain Flakes. Mary Ann got Choco Crunch and Muesli.

Ann and I with our Light-size cereal bowls

Arianne and Blezz got this cereal cafe inspiration when on a trip to London, they chanced upon the Cereal Killer Cafe. Inspired, they worked on this cafe meticulously. They conceptualized their own design and the interiors are their DIY couple project.

How do you order?

Blezz, the cereal ajossi, will gladly take your order. First, choose the size you like. You can choose the Light size or the Meal size. Next, choose the cereals you want in your bowl (I trusted Arianne for mine). Then, you can choose whether you have a regular milk, or yogurt or soya milk.

How to go to Cerealist Cafe?

Address: 서울 성북구 종암로9길 30

I went there by subway, so here’s how: Get off Korea University Station, Exit 3. There’s a Maul Bus #21 that will take you to 극동아파트 후문 (it’s the 3rd bus stop from Korea University Station, Exit 3). The cafe is located right across GS25.

Please know that Arianne and Blezz are start-up business owners. The cafe isn’t big (yet!) but it is colorful and jolly. Now, here’s a treat for you from Wendyflor and Cerealist. We are giving away 2 Couple Meal Size treats! Enter the giveaway raffle below and get as many points to have better chances to win. Again, there will be 2 winners and each winner will be given 2 meal size bowls. So, bring along a friend when you win. Be kinder, bring along FRIENDS and let’s help these young entrepreneurs make a bigger cafe!

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