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Rejuvenated at Create Wellness Center

My birthday month ends today.

And what a birthday month it is!

I received a lot of love and surprises from friends. My family traveled to our unlikely vacation destination while I had to calmly deal with an onslaught of a few days dominance of online bullies. All’s well. Age has gifted me calmness and wisdom to disregard meaningless battles and let authorities perform their duties.

But I had to satisfy that yearning for a good and relaxing massage!

Back in the Philippines, a good massage is just a text away. Here in Seoul, hesitation always wins over me. I had a massage once, just once!, in a spa here in Sangam-dong. It was good. Just good. I longed for better.

Create Wellness Centre is a health care center located at the 1st floor of Hannam Building, the same building where the Itaewon Global Village Center (IGVC) is. You see, I frequent IGVC for their arts and crafts classes for foreigners. And the door of the Create Wellness Centre is always an inviting sight. I finally had the courage to book for an appointment through their Facebook page.

I had a very relaxing time last Monday under the expert hands of Miss Rose, the massage therapist. I had therapeutic massage and chose the one with oil. I did worry a little after I made the choice if I was going to feel sticky after. Without being intrusive, Miss Rose would ask me if I was ok each time she felt like she was putting more pressure than usual on me. I actually like a hard massage so I was ok with it. I think she was too gentle whenever she would adjust the position of my hands or move my towel. I appreciated that . My worry about the sticky feeling after the massage turned out to be a silly concern. Miss Rose systematically finished off my massage with a warm, wet towel that wiped out the stickiness from my skin.

Create Wellness provides comprehensive holistic care and is the place to go if you have neuromuscular disorders and other physical discomforts that require attention from the centers’ licensed chiropractors, naturopathic doctor, physical therapists and massage therapists. In my case, I was only after a relaxing massage so I didn’t set an appointment for consultation. But I did get to see Dr. Sunjae Lee, Create Wellness’ naturopathic doctor and manager.

with Dr. Sunjae Lee and Miss Rose

No wonder Dr. Sunjae Lee’s name was familiar. Earlier that morning, I realized that I had corresponded with him before when I was Secretary of Dwight School Seoul’s Parents’ Association. Aside from being the center’s Manager and Naturopathic Doctor, he is a professional saxophonist and was with his band performing during our Dwight Night Gala last November.

Create Wellness provides a respite especially for the foreign community here in Seoul. Aside from the services the center offers, the English-speaking community will feel at ease with its bi-lingual staff. You know you are getting the services you desire when there is no language barrier. I highly recommend the center to both my foreigner and Korean friends. I got my massage for free in exchange of an honest blog post but Prices are available at the website or you can get in touch through Email: info@createwellnesscenter.com or phone: (02) 749-4849.

I was actually expecting some muscle aches day after the massage since I haven’t really indulged myself in one for long now but it had been 3 days and I’m happy to say that I haven’t felt any muscle aches.

Now, I’m more than ready to face September!


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13 thoughts on “Rejuvenated at Create Wellness Center

  1. I’ve seen this place for a couple of years now but I still haven’t popped in. I don’t know, maybe it’s the name? The whole “wellness” craze kind of turned me off of anything even remotely attached to the concept. Sounds like you had someone who knew her stuff when it comes to massage. Maybe I’ll give them a try.

  2. I think I’ve seen this from my other friend who went there for a session. I could really use something like that right now…a relaxing massage or a facial or scrub. It’s important we take care of ourselves!

  3. Haha! I think that Filipinos are so used to “hard” massage that we always look for it! Every time I’m having my massage they also ask me if I want that and even though it hurts so much, I still insist on it lol!
    I love massages as well, but here in Beijing the good ones are getting pricier! I miss the days when everything was much cheaper (which was what China used to be famous for!) I’m glad you had your massage. Now it’s time for a great day! 🙂
    P.S. Sorry to hear about the online bullies. Hope you’re okay!

    1. I always get my massage sessions whenever I go home. I think it’s something that we are extremely spoiled with in the Philippines. Even my sons remember their massage. I hope you can find a great place for you there in Beijing.

      P.S. “There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. WALK AWAY, the battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it is with themselves.”

  4. It’s funny you mention massage, because as a part of my birthday present to myself I was also hoping to get tenderized by a masseuse somewhere in Daejeon. Unfortunately our city is full of Thai and other massages which are more of a late night variety. I hope I don’t have to trek all the way to the capital to get a good service. On another note, a Doctor who is a doctor and a saxophone player, wow, what a catch, haha!

    1. Your last sentence made me smile, hihihi! A trip to Seoul won’t be so bad if you get to have an appointment. Do let me know and maybe we can meet up:-)

  5. Aw, a good massage place and therapist isso important! I’m a firm believer in taking self-care seriously, so I’m glad to see you’ve found a place you like and will be returning to. I wish I could say the same here in Daegu. I’ve gotten a couple massages but not been overly impressed, which is a shame because I love massages!

  6. Good to know where to go if I need a massage, since my Korean traditional doctor couldn’t actually recommend one. He said he treats everything with acupuncture, which I found interesting. Nice review.

  7. It’s great you got to go there. I have gone there quite a bit over the years. They do a great job and I LOVE the massages too that I don’t get often, but sure love when I do get them. Don’t wait so long to get another!

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