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Boodle Fight in Korea

We love sharing our Philippine culture. It is rich, colorful, dynamic and filled with with history. We kept the momentum going after our “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” celebration. We filled our hearts and tummies!

We celebrated with:

The “Boodle Fight in Korea” was a big show of teamwork among the ladies of the Philippine Women’s Club. The event was led by Ms. Rina Arinas-Imm. Kudos to each one who prepared the dishes… and had fun doing it!!!

the preparation!

Boodle Fight is a military style of eating where all the food is piled on top of banana leaves and the people stand around the table “fighting” for food to eat. As soon as the signal is given to start the boodle fight, you get as much as you can and put them in front of you and eat with your bare hands! No plates, no utensils. Not even plastic gloves. We prepared these for our guests/attendees:

Pancit bihon
Chicken/pork adobo
Grilled shrimp
Chicken barbecue
Lumpiang shanghai 
Tender juicy hotdog
Steamed okra and eggplant
Salted egg and tomatoes
Sauces: bagoong, toyo’t suka, toyomansi
Sago’t Gulaman

Our hotdogs came all the way from the Philippines and just arrived the night before the event:-). Rina ordered banana leaves online but it didn’t pass her standard so we had to find ways again to give an authentic feel of the boodle fight. Amazingly, there is a banana tree in Ann’s neighborhood! A banana tree in Korea!!! Luckily for us, the owner cuts the leaves before winter and he gladly gave the banana leaves for our event… in exchange of… photos of the event! Bless his heart!

It was a colorful display of food:

And it was a pleasure to be among these enthusiastic and energetic ladies.


(photos of the event here: Boodle Fight in Korea 2017)


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