Doing the Girly Stuff with Dashing Diva’s Press-On Gel Manicure

I loved taking care of my nails! Loved!

I was a constant visitor of nail salons more than a decade ago, lol. Back when I was still working in Manila. I could forego my lunch breaks for my regular visit to the nail salon. It came to a point when the attendant told me “please let your nails have a break“. Those were the days!

Much as I love having manicures and pedicures, house works discourage me a lot. Either I would spend money or take more than an hour of DIY manicure and ruin my carefully manicured nails within an hour of doing house work. So… I just didn’t care anymore about my nails.

Dashing Diva changed my indifference to my nails! Friends Ann and Rina are the biggest influencers! I wanted to buy some designs, too. But while I was cleaning my mirror cabinet yesterday, I found a Dashing Diva set!!! I actually bought one some months back but haven’t had the time to do it.

Dashing Diva’s press-on gel manicure

Loved it! I immediately started working on it. And I was surprised how easy it was to have a gel-like manicure:

  1. Clean your nails with the prep pads included in the set.
  2. Check the sizes of the nail plates to your own fingernails.
  3. Cut the sides, if necessary. My pinky finger nail is soooo small. The smallest nail plate in the set is still wide for mine so I had to cut the sides.
  4. Take off the plastic behind the nail plate and stick it to your finger nail.
  5. Trim to your desired length and file it for a dainty finish.

Please note that the oval side should be on your cuticle. I had the mistake of doing it the other way so I had to re-do the first 3.

It’s that easy!

press-on gel manicure

Does it look like it’s professionally done in the salon?

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