Filipinos in South Korea

“Kapitbahay Tours” by the Philippine Women’s Club

The Philippine Women’s Club (PWC) recently launched its newest program called“Kapitbahay Tours”.

“Kapitbahay Tours” will take you to the Korean neighborhood of our PWC ladies.

Why “Kapitbahay Tours”?

“Kapitbahay” is a Tagalog word that means “NEIGHBOR”. This program was launched consistent with our well-known Filipino trait “hospitality”. We welcome you in our homes and in our neighborhood with open arms. As we  currently live in here in South Korea, we extend our hospitality and we will gladly be your neighborhood tour guide.

The members of the Philippine Women’s Club are scheduling different neighborhood tours. These are small group tours that aim to develop camaraderie among our fellow Filipinos and other members of the expat community. Korean citizens are most welcome, too.

True to what a popular advertisement says, “When you are with Filipinos, you are with family”.


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