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Kapitbahay Tours: Oil Tank Culture Park

The “Kapitbahay Tours of the Philippine Women’s Club (PWC) started with its very first Kapitbahay Tour at Mapo-gu, Seoul. I led this first Kapitbahay Tour at Oil Tank Culture Park as it is conveniently located in my neighborhood of Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu.

The inspiration was formed after my first visit to this eco-culture park. It is still a hidden gem as this was just recently opened last September 1, 2017 so not many people know about this place yet. Aside from its picturesque tanks and landscape, the renovation of the place into an eco-park is a big testament of civic consciousness and will.

The whole place used to be the Mapo Oil Depot. It was declared a dangerous facility and entry was prohibited to the public. The wide area was just used as a temporary public parking space until the city residents of Seoul took part in a contest asking for ideas as to how the oil depot will be used well. Construction began for its renovation as an eco-culture park in 2015.

Our Kapitbahay Tours attendees learned all these and more.

The Seoul Architecture Festival already finished its exhibition when I went back for our Kapitbahay Tours but the very interactive Whanki Museum took its place. Whanki Museum offered an art session for visitors that day. We were asked to choose monochromatic photos and make additional designs to make it entirely our own.

The ladies transformed the photos into their very own artwork.  After enjoying our time here, we went around and checked on the tanks. Like me, they liked Tank 2 more from among the other tanks because of its open theatre seating.

It was a great day to be sharing my neighborhood to our Kapitbahay tours attendees!

I am looking forward to the next one!

For those who want to visit this place on their own, check out this guide:

How to go there?

Subway: Less than 10 minutes walk from World Cup Stadium, Exit 1. The Park is right across the West Entrance of World Cup Stadium.

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