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Kapitbahay Tours: Yangju Healing Tour

The Philippine Women’s Club (PWC) recently hosted its 2nd event for Kapitbahay Tours.

The PWC ladies, with family and friends, headed to Yangju and enjoyed our Kapitbahay Tour Guide’s hospitality. Ms. April Estores, PWC Secretary, lives in the area. Together with her husband, she prepared our itinerary and arranged our transportation. The day started with yoga at Nari Park headed by Yoga Teacher Yuni:

Nari Park is a beautiful big patch of land covered with all kinds of blooms and colors. We all enjoyed the beauty and the sounds of Nari Park.

It was a bright day filled with people who came all the way down to Yangju to appreciate these beautiful spread of colors.

We headed for Pocheon Art Valley after lunch but holiday traffic was slowing us down so decided to skip it and went for the next destination in our itinerary: Herb Island.

We braved the traffic and was rewarded with a good time at Herb Island. The place is huge and beautiful.

The Philippine Women’s Club at Herb Island

The Yangju Healing Tour was our post-Chuseok celebration to cap off the long holiday this year. It gave us a day-long chance to bond some more and enjoy the Yangju neighborhood. More photos here: Yangju Healing Tour.

This video sums up our Yangju Kapitbahay Tours:

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