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Power up at Power Plant Beer Brunch and Bar

What do the Yeouido city workers easily get for lunch and dinner breaks?

#Powerplant @ District.y #Yoido new hang-out place

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It’s a relatively new place to hang out (at least, this side of town). As soon as you get into B2 of the SK Securities Building, you will be greeted with a very industrial atmosphere:

But, nope, it ain’t all masculine. I love this feminine, velvety spot:

Chuseok ain’t over. Hubby brought us to this new place called #Powerplant… got to blog about this soon!

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Go a little farther and you get these silvers framing you:

Power Plant Beer Brunch and Bar

Let’s go to the beers! It is a beer brunch and bar, after all.

Entry to Power Plant is beer heaven. Take your pick from the Power Plant Bar, pay and bring yours to your table.

assortment of beers @ Power Plant

Or get your fix of your choice of craft beer at Goose Island:

Beer Take Out Bottle is available

Beer’s quite pricey… but it’s the way it is. Your pick, your choice.


Dishes are provided by various resto brands. Go around the restaurant and choose your dishes from:

Black Bones

Radio Bay

Coreanos Kitchen

I Am A Burger

Lobster Shack

I wasn’t able to take photos of our food but they’re good for kids, too. Our 7 and 10-year olds enjoyed their cheese pizza. Both adults and kids loved the fries from Koreanos Kitchen.

Most importantly, what saved the day for parents like us?

Power Plant entertains both kids and adults. There’s a dart area for practicing and playing.

Dart Area

There are dart arrows available for practicing as long as you want. If you want to level up, you have to pay for the scoring machine to function. I didn’t play but my husband and children played with our friends. Downside: kids kept on bugging the Dads to play more and more.

It looks like there’s a live DJ at night. Live DJ welcomes diners in this very spott:

Live DJ happens at night

I had fun! Not just for the photo ops the place offers but the relaxing ambiance on a Sunday afternoon wants me to go back there again and again.


Basement 2, SK Securities Building, 45-1 Yeouido-dong, Yeoungdongpo-gu, Seoul


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3 thoughts on “Power up at Power Plant Beer Brunch and Bar

  1. So how pricey was that beer? I love the To Go bottles – how classy and totally reusable (props!) Love the frame within a frame shot that you got of you in the Velvet Heaven (hubby’s got the photo eye!) Having a DJ at a restaurant establishment is so modern, if not too noisy…

    1. Hi Alla, Craft beer is on 10K-11K won rate…. i hope hubby continues to tolerate me:=). he is usually bothered by my photo-taking, lol.

  2. What a cool spot! I dig the cross of rustic vibes with industrial aesthetics. It reminds me of a restaurant back in Chicago that was actually the vault of a former bank! What was your favorite thing to eat and drink here?

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