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Autumn’s Best Places to Visit in Korea

Autumn in Korea is just amazing! The sound of the wind and the rustling leaves brings both laughter and fear to my children and the colors make me appreciate the natural beauty of the Earth. The world is capable of directing its own pace to create beautiful sceneries and in Korea, every road, park and alley is a canvas. Every corner has its own Autumn story. So, where are the best places to FALL this season?

Best Places to go in Autumn

Haneul Park

Eulalia Leaves @ Haneul Park

There’s a Eulalia Festival during the Autumn Season up there at Haneul Park. The whole place is naturally decked with Eulalia leaves and every year, something is always going on. This year, you can leave some notes in designated areas and hang them in the arched walkway covers. Colorful and sentimental, you may exchange love notes with your beau there or lock your love lockets up at the Observatory located in the middle of the park. You can check more in this post: Haneul Park in Autumn

Get sunset photos at Haneul Park

sunset at Haneul Park

If you want a romantic date with the sunset as your backdrop, just stay a little bit longer on top of Haneul Park. It has the perfect setting, with soft music to boot. Needless to say, dusk is dominated by couples. You can check more in this post: Fiery Autumn Sunset

Magical Afternoon walk inside the Secret Garden

Secret Garden

It’s a magical time to be inside the Secret Garden in Autumn. The ponds and the trees and the leaves… name it! These creations will bring you back into fairy land. Or better yet, go don that hanbok to have a complete feel of being transported back to the Joseon Dynasty. For more information on tour schedule and fees, check out this post: Autumn Afternoon at the Secret Garden

Appreciate the Sight and Scents of Flowers at Nari Park

Be your own star at Nari Park

There’s a variety of flowers and bushes to appreciate at Yangju’s Nari Park. And there are lots of Instagrammable spots, too. Freely appreciate each variety and give your all out pose. It’s one whole stretch of fields of flowers but that’s really more than enough to draw both local and foreign tourists. To know more about how to go there, check out this post: Beds of Flowers at Yangju’s Nari Park

Enjoy the view of Bukhansan and re-live the Coffee Prince at Sanmotoonge Cafe

Sanmotoonge Cafe

The Sanmotoonge Cafe is located at the quite neighborhood of Buam-dong and has a great view of Bukhansan. For K-drama fans, this was the house of one of characters in Coffee Prince. The cafe has Coffee Prince memorabilias and perfect photo spots. It’s Autumn landscape will leave  you in awe. For directions on how to go there, check out this post: A Decade Late for Sanmotoonge Cafe

Any more scenic places you may suggest for Autumn here in Korea?


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