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Autumn in Nami

With all the photos coming out of Nami Island this Autumn, it was tempting to head there, too. How different would it be from my previous trips to the small island?

Late Summer in Nami… spot where Winter Sonata’s leads had their first kiss:-)… our First son taking the pic, 2nd son chose to watch very close:-)

Let’s give credit to Winter Sonata for speedballing the popularity of this small island (and more! Winter Sonata is credited to have started the kdrama phenomenon throughout Asia and eventually went global).

But let’s look at the present and give credit to the inherent beauty of Nami Island itself. It has transformed itself from a merely popular shooting location into a brilliant marketing success. The marketing gurus made this little island into “Naminara Republic” with its own “visa”:

Visa to Nami

Simultaneous with all the marketing fuss, the island is constantly being maintained by its natural beauty. I have seen the island on a late summer and winter. Autumn kept on inviting me and boy!!! what a beauty, indeed! No wonder, visitors from all over kept on queueing up to catch its leaves in their full glowing glory!

I didn’t go on its peak. I went with a friend on a weekday after the weekends the island was scheduled to be in its peak Autumn colors. There were still a lot of tourists around but I am sure it was significantly less than the crowd during the weekends. I got to meet a lot of Filipino tourists, too and got to say and listen to “Kamusta ka?”… Sweet words!

Though most gingko trees had their leaves on the ground, those remaining created their own poetry.

How else do I describe Nami in Fall?

Nah… words won’t do justice. Check out Nami’s poetry in pictures:

#Nami #NamiIsland

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very calming to the senses
because orange… is the color of Fall
romantic lane
imagine living beside the lake?
tall trees that make you think of Nami
i love the lakeside the most

It’s easy to allow yourself to wander around and get lost in its beauty. But don’t forget to check out the mound where General Nami, to whom the island was named after, was believed to be buried:

entrance to the mound where Gen. Nami was believed to be buried

And there is the UNICEF Hall in the middle of the island as well as other structures holding different exhibitions:


When the colors of the Nami leaves are glowing, this is easily the overlooked side of Nami. #Nami #Namiisland

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How enchanting is Nami Island? Take it from this couple:

Because really, that’s how almost all the couples are in the island. This is the era of selfies, baby! And these sweet couple can show us all “I will do selfie with you until the Autumn of our lives“.

Now, are you going to wait till the next Autumn to go to Nami? Remember, I went on a summer and winter, too!

How to go to Nami Island?

By car: 

Address Navigation Search: 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

By subway:

  • Take the ITX from Seoul Station. It’s 54 minutes to Gapyeong Station. From Gapyeong, take the bus or taxi going to Nami Island Dock. Purchase your tickets to board the Nami-Maid or take the zipline. Yes, zipline!!!!
  • Or take the regular subway train using the Gyeoungui-Jungang Line from Yongsan Station to Sangbong Station. Then transfer to Gyeoungchun Line from Sangbong Station to Gapyeong Station. From Gapyeong, take the bus or taxi going to Nami Island Dock.

Purchase your tickets to board the Nami-Maid or take the zipline. Yes, zipline!!!!


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1 thought on “Autumn in Nami

  1. What a great place to take comparison pictures during Fall/Winter/Spring and seeing the leaves transform. I’ve yet to visit, but your pictures were wonderful in telling the story of Nami and the craze that dramas have brought to it. There’s even a zipline? what???

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