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Living your Fantasy at Trickeye Museum

Get to live your fantasy like we did at the…

Trickeye Museum

My husband and I didn’t expect the boys to have had so much fun. They usually don’t like it when I take their photos but this one was extremely rare! They were the ones asking me to take their photos and videos! How’s that? I didn’t even have to tell them what to do. They directed themselves and gave all out with their facial expressions! I couldn’t be any happier!

look at that scared face!
he’s holding on for dear life
even my husband was a willing victim here

The last time I was at Trickeye Museum (and that was yearrrrsssss ago!), there were only 3D paintings and photos look like you’re interacting with the paintings. This time around, I really enjoyed the augmented reality technology which you can access when you download the TRICKEYE app in your cellphone. There are instructions posted everywhere so you can maximize your enjoyment. The TRICKEYE app gives you the illusion that you are in the video yourself. Here are some of our photos and videos.

For this WINTER, Trickeye introduced its Special Winter Exhibition with a horror theme. My 8-year old son was a little bit scared but was soon going around on his own. This was what made him back-off from the spooky exhibition area:

this framed painting changes from beautiful to scary

this is a real spooky angel

The spooky exhibition may not be good for the younger ones. It wasn’t that scary but my 8-year old was only able to boldly go around after his initial fear because his Dad was with us. We would have a lot of persuasion to do had my husband wasn’t around.

Ice Museum

The Ice Museum was set at -8degrees. I didn’t stay inside as long as the boys did because I was freezing. I left my jacket at the locker. Big mistake!

But the cold didn’t stop me from having angel’s wings:-).

My boys’ favorite part is the slide. They did that several times because they were also doing their video for their video channel. I hope they put that up soonest.

Hubby and I had our taro drinks – he had the milk tea and I had the smoothie from caFace. Yum!

The best part of sitting down at caFace while having your drinks is you’ll be entertained already with possible photo spots.

This one brightens your day anytime no matter what the weather outside is!

And seriously, I should have donned a hanbok for this:

There’s a hanbok rental shop right before you enter Trickeye and Ice Museum

How to go there?

Line 2, Gyeongui Line, Airport Railway Get off at Hongdae Zone. Exit 9 of Hongik University entrance and go straight for about 150m.  Use the crosswalk to cross into the Forever21 direction. It moves about 95m to Hongik University on the left. Turn right into Tony Moly and Bershka alley and move about 105m. More about how to go there here:

Even better to check out the website for more information:

Enjoy and happy holidays!


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