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Good Food and Cozy Venue: Bistro La Toupie

It was one of the tolerable cold days of January when I first went to Bistro La Toupie for a lunch out with a good friend and co-parent from Dwight School Seoul. We liked the food, the ambiance and the very personal and friendly service.

I was sure I wanted to be back.

And I did.

Last January 27, the Philippine Women’s Club held our 1st monthly meeting for the year and celebrated the birthday of one of our dear officers. When I first contacted La Toupie for a possible reservation, they offered their projector for our meeting. I was really glad as we were planning a surprise video presentation.

When we arrived, the tables were already set up for us. It didn’t matter that we only reserved for 8. We felt comfortable and welcomed and assured that we can use the rest of the space in the restaurant.

celebrating at La Toupie

I guess, what I am really trying to drive home is, La Toupie is a place where you can be comfortably lunching out or have your private events. Sunny, the CEO introduced Chef John to the diners during my first lunch there. On our scheduled monthly meeting, Chef John didn’t disappoint with our food choices. My friends were satisfied and the food prices are very reasonable. In fact, this is the reason why I chose to be back and introduce the restaurant to my friends.

Will I be back? You bet! Especially when I live just around the corner and the Digital Media City is my family’s urban playground.

How to go there?

Address:마포구 월드컵북로 402 KGIT빌딩 309, Seoul, Korea 03914


Website: La Toupie


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