I am Wendy. I am a Memory-Keeper. I keep memories of everyday celebrations in the way I know best, writing. I have also developed a liking to photography so I am including some of the photos here as my way of keeping memories.

Much as I would like to focus on a niche, I can’t impose a limit on my freedom to write about anything I fancy on. So, this website will continue to evolve as my own day-to-day evolves and unfolds.

My posts will mostly bring you around Seoul. This is the city where I came into a lot of what is me now. This is where I started my married and family life and my vocation to motherhood. I write as an expat wife, a mother, and as a woman. I write about my books, shopping, home care, skin care, travel and of course, parenting.

There’s so much to write about and I wish I could write more than I do. But the world is so fast-paced and offers a lot of things to do and to explore. So, when I am not in my little corner, I go around taking as much as I can to celebrate and keep memories of this beautiful world.

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