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Meet AIRSTAR, your Airport Guide Robot

Hubby told me that LG Electronics developed a robot that would guide you around the airport and it was just recently rolled out at the Incheon International Airport.

Look what we found!

Meet AIRSTAR! It is your Airport Guide Robot.

I had a video where we asked Air Star to bring us to the Korean Air Check-in Counter… and it did! Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted it… meeehhhh! I tried to video the whole thing again but it was due for charging when we found it. The video above shows Air Star automatically going on his way back to its base for charging.

We were at the airport last August 8 and the man in-charge of the Air Star we were using told me that there were 5 robots around the airport and they had started operating just a few days back. The staff was actually still taking notes while following us and Air Star. Obviously, it is still very new and there are still a lot of room for improvement.

What my 2 boys experienced amazed them. I was entertained, too! This is a touch screen robot as well as it follows and answers voice commands. When the boys asked for the Korean Air Check-in counter, it signaled us to follow telling us the approximate distance and time for us to reach the check-in counter. It had to adjust its direction a few times creating confusion as to whether it knows where to go or not. I guess that’s where the note-taking of the staff in-charge comes in. Despite a few auto-adjustments, we did arrive at the Check-in counter… for regular check-in.

Then hubbydoo called and asked us to transfer to the Prestige Check-in Counter. Playtime was over!

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7 thoughts on “Meet AIRSTAR, your Airport Guide Robot

  1. This is amazing!!! My friend is traveling to Korea next week, and I just shared it with her! I hope she gets to see it. I think it’s so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha! This is so cool! Incheon International Airport always amazes me. It never runs out of awesome things to experience. I’ll definitely check that airport guide when I get back there. Thanks for sharing this cute experience with your family.

  3. I guess I’m not surprised that Incheon would take on new experiments like this one. Airports can be stressful, and having robot assistants sounds like a neat idea. I don’t know that I would trust it just yet though. Perhaps parents with accompanying children that arrive early for their flights make the best clients to try these out.

  4. Oh no! It’s happening, robots are talking over… I wonder how long it will take before they outnumber people at airports. On the other hand, I wonder if this is a first across the globe and Korea is leading in innovation. Go ROK!

  5. I encountered one of those at Incheon and honestly had no idea what it was and I was too in a rush to answer my curiosity but guess the mystery is solved! It’s funny though that those robots are now in Boston and they’re “security guards” for malls. How interesting right?

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