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Philippine Native Jewelry Class by the Philippine Women’s Club

The Philippine Women’s Club (PWC) has always been passionate about sharing and promoting our Philippine culture to our fellow Filipinos and the local and expat community here in Seoul. And August has always been a special month for us as this is the month when back home in the Philippines we celebrate the Buwan ng Wika.

In 2015, we decided to start celebrating and sharing this culture here in Korea through the conceptualization and organization of Buwan ng Wika sa Korea“Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” is now on its 3rd year!

For 2 consecutive years, we offered the Philippine Native Jewelry Class. It was warmly received last year and we had beautiful and dainty creations by our attendees.

Check out more photos of our attendees’ creations in our Facebook page: Philippine Native Jewelry Class 2016

Inspired by last year’s response, we sent out another invitation this year.

We are lucky to have a PWC Officer who is very talented in the arts. Miss Razel Kim had been teaching this free class for 2 years now and it has always been fun to have her energy and enthusiasm infect us all.

Miss Katherine Corteza, the Director of the Itaewon Global Village Center (IGVC) and a very active member of PWC, introduced PWC to the attendees and the significance of our Buwan ng Wika sa Korea celebration.

As President of PWC, I briefly talked about our organization and our common passion to share and promote our Philippine culture:

Then it was time for Miss Razel to take over and begin the crafts class:

Some of these materials are from Iloilo City:

It’s awesome to see our attendees are very interested and engrossed with their work:

and they made beautiful creations:

For more photos, feel free to check out our Facebook page: Philippine Native Jewelry Making Class 2017

I couldn’t ask for more to have this excellent team around. We work in our own quiet ways making sure that we leave positive impact on people we meet along the way.



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