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Painting of the Annapurna Range

I scheduled a day trip for our family to the Namo Buddha / Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery. On a clear day, we will have a good look of the Himalayan ranges.

On an August afternoon, we could only pray to the gods to give us a clear sky in the middle of a monsoon season and the most that we can do is fervently hope that this prayer will be answered. In our case, it wasn’t (answered, lol). We were disappointed, yes. But no, it didn’t dampen our spirits.

The Himalayas are just out there! When we get a chance to go again on a better season, we will have a glimpse of them.

Back at the hotel, we went to a shop my husband and my boys visited the day before. They had liked a painting but my husband wasn’t sure if I would like it. The painter, Mr. Purusottam, remembered my husband when we got into his shop. My husband showed me 2 paintings done on wood called “Sal”. The tree, from which Sal comes from, is native to the Indian subcontinent, ranging south of the Himalaya, from Myanmar in the east to Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

I like the painting of the Annapurna ranges so we got the painter to sign his art piece (check out the video!):

Paintings aren’t really one of those souvenirs you would want to get from Nepal. But we decided to get one as our souvenir of our failed rendezvous with the Himalayan ranges.

The painting is now comfortably nestled on the wall, among the photos and art works of our beloved boylets.

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12 thoughts on “Painting of the Annapurna Range

  1. Damn that monsoon season!! It really puts a damper on things. 😉 But at least you have a good excuse to return to Nepal now… by the way, wasn’t this the weirdest summer on record here in Seoul? Soooo hot and now so cold, so fast…

  2. Oh yay! that is awesome! I would love to get a painting done in person then take it home! But doing it often may be a problem as far as having space for them! lol Nice blog! 🙂

  3. Thats unfortunate that your family didn’t get to see the real thing, but now you have more reasons to come back to Nepal. That painting is beautiful and I too, love on the wall souvenirs of places I visit. Can’t wait to read more about your Nepalese adventures.

  4. That is so cool you visited Nepal, Wendy! That is one of those seemingly mysterious countries I definitely want to visit. I’m sorry the weather gods didn’t answer your prayers, but as you say, one reason why you must return! What did you kids think about the vacation?

    1. Yes, Nepal was our unlikely vacation destination considering my boys prefer the beach and fancier places. But they loved it. They are mostly impressed with the kindness of the people.

  5. I’m a huge fan of artists. It feels good to see people who appreciates them as well. The painting on your wall will remind you that you have to go back to Nepal. I’m hooked with your Nepal adventure series. It’s a country less traveled by most of the travel bloggers I follow. Looking forward to read more!

    1. I remember your coffee artist post. That’s really nice of you to feature him… I’d love to write more about our Nepal adventures… I wish to have more time in my hands:-).

  6. I just spoke to a woman two days ago who mentioned that she was going to climb Mr. Everest. I find it facinating that places like these are accessible to many travelers these days! Perhaps looking at your painting will inspire you to return to the Himalayas someday!

    1. Nepal’s tourism industry is very strong and makes it a go-to place for travelers and adventurers especially with the Himalayas and Mt. Everest as its prime tourist attraction.

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