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Go (Photo)Shoot at the Oil Tank Culture Park

My friend Ingrid and I went to this recently-opened culture park called “Oil Tank Culture Park” 2 Mondays ago. Trust Ingrid to scan Instagram and the internet for our must-go-to places. And the best part? It’s in our neighborhood!

So on our scheduled Monday morning walk, Ingrid walked to my house from DMCVille and off we walked to our Nanji playground where we first marvelled at the bees and the sunflower field!

It was lovely, yes! But we had a destination in mind so after 15 minutes of walk, we were facing this wide, looking so neatly-deserted eco park. It was a hot morning, the sun was shining too bright. When we got into Tank 6, the huge tank that beckons you with its mysticity was quiet and dark… Alas! It was a Monday. And it is supposed to be close on Mondays!

We actually knew the exhibition hall was closed on Mondays but Ingrid and I took our chances because we really wanted to satisfy our curiosity of this new place. We weren’t disappointed at all! We got in… and more!

Though Cafe Tank 6 was close, we were able to get into the Exhibition Area at the 2nd Floor where the  2017 Seoul Architecture Festival (Title: Blurring the Boundaries) was ongoing from September 1- 24.

Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition was a display of Seoul’s architecture from the past to the present. At the farthest end were panoramic photos of Seoul. It was a beautiful photo essay.

Seoul Architecture Festival inside Tank 6

And as most of us want…. instagrammable spots!!! The eco-park has many of these! I am never shy with Ingrid when it comes to photo shoots. The rusty and rustic Tank 6 is a perfect backdrop for your photoshoots!

Aside from appreciating the architectural value and the efforts invested in these facilities from being highly prohibited for security reasons to becoming an ecological park, your photographer’s imagination will be working wildly here.

Tank 1 has its charming spot:

But if I were to choose, Tank 2’s the winner! Every corner is a photo-opportunity spot. So go set your dates and shoot as long as you want, as many as you want. You create your own masterpieces. As Robert Capa says,

Thanks to one of my “Moment Catchers” buddy, I have collected a lot of mine to keep:

seating at the open theater in Tank 2
Tank 2

How to go there?

Subway: Less than 10 minutes walk from World Cup Stadium, Exit 1. The Park is right across the West Entrance of World Cup Stadium.

Inquiries: culturetank@seoul.go.kr


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