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Movie Binging at Cinematheque

The Korean Film Archive is one of Digital Media City‘s treasure. It houses the library of Korea’s movie history. I first toured my second son there and he had a glimpsed of how movies are made and how animations are put together. Last year, I scheduled a tour with some of the Dwight Moms while our children are at school with the help of the official tour guide of the Korean Film Archive. But the tour guide only spoke Korean so one of our Korean Moms had to translate for us. But fret not, the museum is curated very well and there really is no need of a tour guide unless you want to get a more in-depth and academic knowledge.

Korean Film Archive

Aside from the museum, the Korean Film Archive building has Cinematheque located at B1. It is a “space where a variety of classic and artistic films, both domestic and international, are screened in accordance with the basic purpose of rediscovering the values of films suffering from wear and tear, films gradually forgotten by audiences, and films whose values were not properly recognized”. (source)

Movies are screened free-of-charge. Movie schedule is available online from Tuesday to Sunday. You can check the screening schedule here:

Screening Schedule

Movie line-up is usually good for 2 weeks. You can reserve tickets either:

  • at the ticket booth – reservation can be done the day before your desired movie or
  • online – reservation can be done 5 days before the scheduled movie

But remember that one person can only reserve for 2 tickets.

Aside from your free movie, you will also get free parking ticket good for 5 hours. How’s that?

I got tickets for Dead Poets Society at 2pm today for our Kapitbahay Tours attendees. And I plan to bring my children for a 7pm Forrest Gump schedule this coming Friday. The charming Jerry Maguire movie is also in the line-up but not on a schedule I am comfortable in. It truly is movie binging at Cinematheque!

Here’s the address and contact details:

Address: Sangam 400, WorldCupbuk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03925

Korea Tel: +82 (0)2 3153-2001


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