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Theme Cafe: Cafe Bench N Locker

I’m a soccer mom. There’s no shying away from that label.

Ever since my first son showed interest in soccer, I had been bringing him to soccer practices. The second one showed eagerness and strong skills, too so I will be defined as one a little bit longer. My boys got into FC Seoul‘s weekend soccer hobby classes so this makes our family a regular at the World Cup Stadium grounds. Naturally, we discovered this themed cafe: Cafe Bench N Locker. Of course, it’s a soccer-themed cafe. And it is a Korean National Football team themed cafe. Labels on the Menu board, cup sizes, table and chairs are all related to the Korean National Football team.

Bench N Locker Menu Board and cup sizes to choose from
Table and chairs and charging stations

What makes this a theme cafe?

More than its interior design, Cafe Bench N Locker allotted a good space for children to play in the Kids Arena (“indoor soccer field”) … there are rows of chairs for the “audience”, too.

Opposite the Kids Arena, the wall has a big illustration of the soccer field and the positions of the players. There’s also a locker in red and white (national team color, definitely). If you want to buy soccer souvenirs, Faenstore has all sorts of soccer paraphernalia.

Beside the Kids Arena is an entertaining wall that continuously play a teaser about the Football Faentasium.

The Football Faentasium is a soccer museum giving you the chance to experience your soccer fantasies using the  convergence of soccer and IT. Faentasium is a coined word from the words FAN (soccer fan), FANTASY, MUSEUM and STADIUM. Football Faentasium opens from 9am-10pm has a separate entrance fee of 15,000 KRW.

My sons could stay here forever while I could have my coffee and book or laptop.

How to get there?

Address: 240 World Cup-Ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (West Gate of the World Cup Stadium)

Subway: Line 6 World Cup Park Stadium Station Exit 1 (3 mins walk towards the West Gate of the stadium)


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