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Buwan ng Wika sa Korea 2017

The Philippine Women’s Club (PWC) has recently concluded its annual “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” celebration after a series of activities highlighting the Philippine culture. True to its purpose since its inception in 2015, the “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” has consistently delivered fun and educational activities to targeted audiences. The annual event was created to bring to Korea the annual celebration happening back in the Philippines every August.

For this year, the August weekends were filled with activities giving the ladies of PWC a good variety of audience interested to learn about the culture of the Philippines.

Children under the Global Youth Fair (GYF) were the first attendees of the first series of Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture held on August 12, 2017. The Global Youth Fair is a registered non-government organization whose mission is “training youth with various communication skills, developing Youth competency to solve problems creatively and training Youth for the stage of a unified Korea”. Part of GYF’s plan is to let the children under its program “experience different cultures, understand and recognize them”. PWC gave this opportunity to learn about the Philippines through its language, dances, songs, food and games.

More photos of the lecture for GYF here: Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture for the GYF Kids

On August 19, PWC hosted the Philippine Native Jewelry Class at the Itaewon Global Village Center. This free class was designed to use accessories from the Philippines. Participants were a mix of the foreign community, Korean and fellow Filipinos who truly appreciated the craftsmanship and materials that came all the way from the Philippines.

On August 24 and 26, teams of PWC members delivered the Interactive Lecture to the children of the Yegaram Orinijip and Hwagok Jumin Center. These were Korean kids who were easily taught to and appreciative of the language, dances, songs and games the PWC members taught them. The young minds saw our colorful and dynamic culture and they were appreciative through their active participation.

These are the cute little boys from the Yegaram Orinijip:

More photos here: Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture for Yegaram Orinijip

These are the playful children at the Hwagok Jumin Center:

More photos here: Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture for Hwagok Jumin Center

As part of the Philippine language appreciation, the Philippine Women’s Club also featured original compositions in its Facebook page. The featured writers were:

  • Miss Danessa Alinsug, an associate member of the Women in Literary Arts (WILA), a Cebu-based organization of published and literary writers that works closely with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts for the promotion of regional languages in the Philippines. She is a published writer and writes in Bisaya and English, and is based in Bucheon City. Her featured original composition is a poem written in Bisaya entitled “Sa Coffee shop”.
  • Dr. Genevieve Asenjo, a Carlos Palanca Awardee who traveled to South Korea under the Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI) program administered by the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI) of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. She is currently teaching at the Dela Salle University. PWC featured an excerpt from her 2nd novel entitled “Isang Mahabang Kasaysayan ng Pag-big”.
  • Mr. Alfonso Delgado, a Filipino expat here in South Korea who used to work with the finance industry. The featured work is an original essay that won 2nd place in the essay-writing competition organized by the Philippine Embassy in South Korea last February 2010 to commemorate the 149th birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal. It is entitled “Kailan ang uwi mo, Kabayan?”
  • Dr. John Barrios, a Commissioner of the Hiligaynon language in the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino. He writes in Akeanon, Hilgaynon, Tagalog and English and has received several recognition and writing grants from prestigious institutions. He has published books and is currently teaching at the University of the Philippines Visayas. PWC featured his short story entitled “Ending”.
  • Mr. Peter Solis Nery, a Carlos Palanca Hall of Fame Awardee. This year, he will be receiving his 19th Palanca award. Whenever he is in the Philippines, he delivers talks and workshops and has recently given awards to recognize artists in writing, theatre and visual arts under his Peter Solis Nery Foundation. PWC featured a Hiligaynon poetry, the #32, part of his 100 erotic sonnets in Hiligaynon.

These “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” activities were designed to be in small groups in different locations to give maximum impact to each attendee. It is the thrust of PWC to share our culture in meaningful ways. The activities consistently highlight the different aspects of our culture and it will continue to do so during the annual “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” celebrations in the years to come. The activities are not designed to generate funds and are purely fun and educational. Our legacy rests not on infrastructures but on the young minds and hearts who will seek out learning more about our culture.

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