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Faentasium: Where a Soccer Fan’s Fantasy Comes True

My second-born recently turned 8. And when you have a son (and another 11-year son who also loves to play soccer) who talks and plays soccer all the time, you get drawn to soccer, too. That’s how I accidentally discovered Cafe Bench N Locker at the World Cup Stadium. Cafe Bench N Locker is a sporty and kid-friendly cafe connected to Faentasium, the soccer museum that has interactive displays attractive to boys (and sporty girls) of all ages.

As soon as you get in the door, you will be made curious by this LED wall display that’s definitely eye and attention-catching:

Erratum: I posted that video when I first visited Bench N Locker Cafe, thus the video title “Bench N Locker”… This LED wall display is right before the entrance of Faentasium, which is just beside the cafe.

My son selected a few friends. The 2 girls had to contend with all the energy of these boys inside the interactive museum.

Kids at Faentasium LED wall display

The museum starts with a display of the history of Football. Kids weren’t into its history but they got real interested with the 360 VR with Baekho. The kids were turning around and around and laughing at their “experience” of being with the national players while preparing for their match in the stadium:-).

360 VR with Baekho

Some of the standouts for the children were the photo zones where they pose for the “Goal of the Year” and “Super Save”. They spent a lot time at the VR and Sensor technology areas where they can do sensor dribbling, goalkeeper and free kick experiences. I was afraid my 11-year old son was going to feel out of place with the 8-year olds but he just had the best time, too!

The birthday boy and his friends pretended to be sports anchors and what do you expect from 8-year olds? lol!

In the end, these children were all winners!

The Champions!

They all had snack at Cafe Bench N Locker but they didn’t even sit down for 10 minutes before releasing their energy at the Mini-futsal pitch just beside the cafe. It wasn’t easy to end the party. We had to give them several “last minutes” before we were finally able to let all the children leave.

I would say, this was one of the best birthday fun my husband and I hosted.

Entrance Fee

It’s 15,000krw per person. You get a 10% group discount when you go over 10.

How to go there?

Faentasium is located at the Ground Floor, West Wing of the World Cup Stadium.

By subway, take Line 6 and go down at the World Cup Station, Exit 1 and walk towards the West Wing. For more of Faentasium, check out their website: http://www.faentasium.com/


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