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Incheon International Airport: More Than Just an Airport

The Terminal 2 of the Incheon International Airport opened 3 days ago (January 18), as scheduled. But as it is, the Incheon International Airport is one of the best airports in the world with the cleanest facilities and most efficient systems installed. More than being an international gateway, I see the whole complex as an entertainment and shopping and dining center. One can spend the whole day here and enjoy.

In fact, I have entertained friends here who had lay-overs. Oh yes, you can actually do the entertaining inside the complex for friends with whom you just want to spend as much quality time with over the lure of showing them around Seoul and hurrying back to catch their flights. And when my husband’s business trips bring him back to Incheon but there’s not enough time to go home as he would need to fly to another country for another business trip, the kids and I would just meet him at the airport. We will be in that situation again next week when he flies from New York to Incheon to Bangkok. Oh well….

So what’s inside? I say, everything you need for entertainment… CGV, banks, skating rink, cafes and restaurants (lots of it!), sauna and spa, Korean Culture Street, occasional shows, souvenir and cosmetic shops and a medical center, in case… And this is an area accessible to the public as this is outside of the secured pre-departure area. You can find these at the A and H Zones of B1 (the area near the subway) and on the 4th Floors’ Cultural Heritage Avenues.

I was most entertained at the Cultural Heritage Avenue located at the 4th Floor. If you’re a visitor passing by and doesn’t have enough time to check on Korean Heritage sites, you can check this place out.

Welcome to the Korean Culture Street

Exploring the Cultural Heritage Avenue, you will see this Digital Signage show. It is entertaining, loud and proud:

Digital Signage Show @ Korean Culture Street #incheoninternationalairport

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There are souvenir shops and restaurants in this area and if you want, you can have your last goodbye from up here:

you can have your last wave to family and friends here after they’re done with Immigration

Yap, this is at the 4th floor and the glass walls can let you see your friends and family after they are done with Immigration. But if this will add to the agony of parting, skip this part:-).

The A and H zones have CGV for the latest movies, in case you’re not yet over with the movies available on the plane:-).

my good friend and I by the CGV at Incheon International Airport

We didn’t watch any movie but our kids spent their time skating at the Ice Forest very near this area. I remember my 2 boys had their first taste of skating here when they were very little. The space is just small and is just enough to have something to do for kids.

There’s a variety of restaurants and cafe but you can also check out the saunas and spa. Or just be dazzled by the LED displays in the travelators around:

I came back last January 10, 8 days short of the opening of Terminal 2 so I didn’t get a chance yet to explore and check the latest features and technology in this new terminal. I am excited to personally check it out. I wonder if the new terminal put into good use the airport robot guides it introduced August last year (check out my post: Meet Airstar, your Airport Robot Guide). Currently, only the Korean Airline, Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines use Terminal 2. Passengers on all other airlines will continue to use Terminal 1.


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