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Beds of Flowers at Yangju’s Nari Park

Saturday at Yangju’s Nari Park was a day of rejoicing!

… for beautiful places, man-made and God-created

… for compassionate hearts of friends who take time to plan the days and be with us/welcome us during the holidays

… for friends’ good health so we can all take time to be together

… for our precious family time and my friends’ with their respective families

… for my children’s enthusiasm and laughter with friends

… for my husband’s energy and stamina and patience and the JOY every day of this holiday week has brought upon us

It was on a weekend when my friends and our families went to Nari Park at Yangju. It was arranged by one of our Philippine Women’s Club (PWC) officers as part of our Kapitbahay Tours. The day started with a yoga. The good thing about Nari Park is, there is a big space outside of the beds of flowers where you can do anything… play, eat, walk your dog and yes, even do yoga class!

Then, it was time to go around and breathe in the full scents of the flowers and take in all the beauty that surrounded us. I started with the globe amaranths:

Field of globe amaranth @ Nari Park, Yangju #globeamaranth #naripark #yangju

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While cosmos is everywhere every Autumn, they retain a firm grip in our senses for flower appreciation. Everywhere we go, the cosmos seem to always pull us to their fields. We can’t help it. They are beautiful! These orange cosmos are always charming. So, we submit!

Cosmos once again… This time at Nari Park, Yangju #yangju #naripark

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bees never resist
cosmos @ Nari Park
“flowers don’t worry how they’re going to bloom”

Cosmos blooms heavily but dies with the first frost so while we are still enjoying the Autumn weather, head to Yangju Nari Park and enjoy!!!

When ladies gather together in a picturesque place like this, there is no other way but to get our prettiest and most instagrammable poses!

Ladies pose at Nari Park

Even in the most awkward of poses, you can just do your thing. Everyone does their own anyway.

Instagrammable spot at Nari Park, Yangju #naripark #yangju

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The variety of flowers  form fields after fields of colors and sizes. They’re beautiful. I suggest you go there to spend an unhurried time. Just savor the moment and get your photo after photo. My friends have beautiful photos of them in every field. They’re lovely!

The park has whirling butterflies:

whirling butterflies @ Nari Park
whirling butterflies @ Nari Park

Mexican Firebush

I don’t know how these other flowers are called, but they’re as pretty, if not more.

lonesome red


Nari Park

How to go there?

This is out of Seoul but it isn’t far.

Subway: Go out of Exit 2 of Yangju Station (Line 1). Yangju Station is 61 minutes from Seoul Station. Either take Bus #80 from Yangju Bus Station and get off at Haedong Maeul Bus Station. Or just take a taxi and ask to be brought to Nari Park or 나리공원.


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13 thoughts on “Beds of Flowers at Yangju’s Nari Park

  1. It’s great to see so many flowers still thriving despite the sudden turn in the weather. I’ve never been to this park before but you definitely make me want to go! I’ll have to put on the list to check out before that first frost comes along.

  2. Lovely pictures! I wish I have read this last year when I was still in Korea. I’m a fan of nature trips like this. The place is so Instagrammable! I’ll definitely visit this when I visit Korea during Autumn.

  3. Isn’t it great to be able to find parks like these among the metropolises of Korea? I love getting away and feeling like nothing else matters while you’re sniffing around the flowers or snapping another selfie. There is something so right about spending an afternoon in a place like Nari park as opposed to a coffee shop, in traffic or in a cubicle…

  4. I’m sad I missed out on this! I actually lived on line 1 and never knew about this park! I could have had such epic photoshoots! Your photos, the flowers, and the vibe is sooo lovely.

  5. These type of fields are such big photo ops in Korea! My friends and I always joke that the Korean life entails people living from photo shoot to photoshoot haha. I must admit I’ve adopted this quirk because I’ve gone to at least two similar fields and taken countless photos and selfies haha

  6. Beautiful! You and I get out to the a lot of the same places just days apart it seems hahaha We need to do them together sometime! I loved that park too… the day after you went hahaha

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