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Remarkable Friendship Made Through MyRockingCradle.com

As of today, my MyRockingCradle is 8 years, 9months and 26 days. But I am now on the process of migrating some of its contents to this new baby Wendyflor.com.

My website has given me a very good outlet during my early years as a Mom. In fact, it was named MyRockingCradle because I meant for it to be a nurturing blog focused on parenting and my motherhood diary. But it evolved as I evolved. Despite the occasional parenting posts these days, I have always been adamant in not making it as a niche blog so the website name (MyRockingCradle) has become irrelevant to its contents. I have tried several times to get Wendyflor.com but gave up at some point. I intend to not drop this name anymore. As to MyRockingcradle.com, there are possibilities about the website name (contact me!) but it will stay with me until some of my commercial posts expire.

The website gave me a venue to share my thoughts, rant and show snippets of my growing family life. It continues to offer some bucks every now and then, just enough to maintain the website without having to charge it to my husband’s (grin!). More than that, it has paved the way for me to connect with a few readers. And I could think of 2 remarkable friendships that started in my Contact Me page.

From her comfort zone in Canada, Lindsay contacted me through my Contact Page in (year) 2010. Her family was going to Korea for her husband’s Fulbright Scholarship and they were to live in the Fulbright Building in Mapo. Surprise, surprise! I happen to befriend another Mom whose husband was under the Fulbright Scholarship and they lived in that Fulbright Building. Having had dinner in their place some months back, I knew the exact location of the building and it was just a less than 10 minutes walk from our place. I messaged her back that I knew exactly where they will be living and we will live near each other. And the rest is history….

Lindsay and I with her girl and my boys

Lindsay and I continue to be updated about each other’s family life through Facebook. Connecting people, indeed!

Noma and I went as far back as 5 years ago when she first emailed me about her desire to go to Korea. The emails turned to FB direct messages. And we followed each other’s lives online and even from afar, she believed in our “Life Boat Project” in 2013. She sponsored a boat for one of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and named it A-Brad, Noma and Newo.

Fast forward to 2017, she finally flew from Porstmouth, England to make her Korea dream come true. She visited with lovely Lynn Rose and her handsome prince, Bradley. Our families met and the children easily warmed up to each other.

Noma’s Family Visiting Seoul

They attended church with us on the first day we met and I am so honored she chose Stanford Hotel at Digital Media Center for their last 2 nights here in Seoul to be nearer us. Kids were able to bond some more in our house. My regret was, I wasn’t able to cook for them. I was too intimidated with their eating preferences:-).

I may eventually let go of MyRockingCradle but I’ve gained valuable experiences and relationships through it. And it’s a whole lot to be thankful for.


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16 thoughts on “Remarkable Friendship Made Through MyRockingCradle.com

  1. Ha ha ha ha Wendy Flor l love you!!!Thank you for being an Awesome Mum…l learnt from your blog to be creative about my life…l was inspired by yourselflessness and motivated to offer my time to those that need it…how can l not meet you and your beautiful family😍 l treasure and value the time with spent with your amazing family…we plan to go back.
    Noma x

  2. Ha ha ha ha Wendy Flor l love you!!!Thank you for being an Awesome Mum…l learnt from your blog to be creative about my life…l was inspired by yourselflessness and motivated to offer my time to those that need it…how can l not meet you and your beautiful family😍 l treasure and value the time with spent with your amazing family…we plan to go back. PS just cook anything for us next time just no pork..we have to learn to try
    Noma x

    1. You and the children are always welcome. I will make a note about the food. I was intimidated by your vegan lifestyle hahaha… We are a meat-eating family and I have to always push the kids to eat even a little veggie. I am so happy you finally got to visit with the kids, Noma:-)

  3. I was thinking the other day about the various blessings that being a blog writer in general has brought me too. It’s interesting that you bring up friendships, because I recently produced a blog which was very personal, and after sharing it on a women’s facebook group, some women reached out to me personally to thank me for sharing my story. The potential to meet incredible people is certainly there, and as bloggers, we make ourselves accessible, and in your case, it sounds like you have derived some real value from this aspect. Nice write-up, and good luck with your domain stuff.

  4. Blogging can really help you meet new people. After writing an article about Filipino Bloggers in Korea, I was able to meet most of them including you. I’m glad that I met you and the other bloggers. Meeting in person is really different from following each other’s lives online.

  5. Blogging is a great way to connect with like minded people especially when you are so far from home. I glad to see you’ve met some great people and built lasting friendships! Personal relationships are the backbone of a good life.

  6. How wonderful that you’ve been able to make such great friendships through blogging! I’ve also met great people from all over the world from writing a blog. It’s such an amazing community of like-minded people to connect to and learn from.

  7. How awesome! Congrats on making the big move over to your new domain, but I know how attached you can get to a site you’ve put so much work into 🙂 Hope you continue to make lots of new and special connections over the coming years, and I’m looking forward to lots of exciting new posts!

  8. How exciting that your migrating your website! I have also made great friends from blogging and was lucky enough to meet one in person this year in Rome. It’s so surreal to meet in real life when you feel like you already know each other!

  9. I’ve often heard about the horrible bloggers that are only out for themselves but I have to think that most bloggers are super friendly and the blog really does open up so many possibilities for relationships and friendships to form. I’ve met great people through my blog as well. Such a great community if you allow it to be.

  10. They say your personal brand begins at your name! Congrats with the migration and I love that you have honored your humble beginnings in this post. 8 years is incredible for me to fathom when even this year of blogging for a year and a half has been such a learning process for me. You give me hope that one day I can look back at my blog and feel as much joy and gratitude as you have for your own project.

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