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Millenium Eye: The Symbolic Landmark of Digital Media City

Living around the Digital Media City has been a blessing for our family’s quality of life. We enjoy the preservation of nature on one side and the display of the latest technology on the other side.

The Digital Media City (DMC) is a high-speed optical communication network, interconnected with wireless and satellite communication, and has the world’s best high-speed communication network system (source). It is a state-of-the-art digital media entertainment cluster (source) housing the headquarters of Korea’s major media companies.

The Millenium Eye, located at the farthest end of the Digital Media City at the Guryong neighborhood park, is the symbol of DMC. The 142 stainless steel balls look like rising water bubbles that reflect DMC’s vision of leading the world into the future of the digital media era (source).

Trivia: Seoul City held a competition to create a structure that would best represent the DMC. 19 entries were submitted and this entry by Artists Lee Bae-gyeong, Yoo Young-ho and Na jeom-su won. It consists of three parts — “Millennium cell,” “Global eye” and “World square” — which the city said well captures the features of the DMC, a place where people around the world will engage in active exchanges and experience various things through advanced media technology.

For students of Dwight School Seoul and the Japan School in Seoul, the Millenium Eye is the centerpiece of their urban playground. My sons love playing here after school. It is between our short walk from the house to school. We have seen seasons unfold and I have always been fascinated by the sculpture. Today, I found in my photo files pictures of the Millenium Eye from last winter and spring.

And when my sons play, I am left to my own with other moms. I love chatting with them but I also love checking these bubbles.

These bubbles reflect the surroundings and the Global Eye in the center reflects the sky. Here’s the Global Eye at night:

The Global Eye in the middle of the World Square at night

Symbolically, the Global Eye and these bubbles are in the World Square (the concrete surface where it stands) bringing the dreams of people from all over together. The LCD panels display beautiful color changes at night and has a screen that reflects messages sent to a certain number.

We decided on a Friday night dinner for the family so boys and I decided to spend a few minutes here last night before meeting my husband for dinner. This after playing for 2 hours in the same spot right after school yesterday.

Millenium Eye @ night

It was a Friday night and there were families playing still. Typical of our neighborhood, enjoying the cool breeze and the awesome Autumn night.

How to come here?

By subway: Get out of Digital Media City Station, Exit 2. Take Maul Bus #18 and go down at DMCVille. Park is right beside. Or take regular city buses that will drop you off at World Cup Park 5-danji.


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6 thoughts on “Millenium Eye: The Symbolic Landmark of Digital Media City

  1. We have something similar here in Daejeon, its near Eulji hospital in Government Daejeon Complex. There the balls are just stuck together in three rows but their reflective nature is still ingrained in my memory even though I took their picture about 6-7 years ago. I like the eye in the middle of yours and it looks pretty glitzy at night!

  2. Very cool design! Reflective steel balls always remind me of MC Escher’s work, and create lots of fun photos opportunities. Nice also that you live so nearby. Sounds like the the designers achieved their aim in fostering “active exchanges”.

  3. This is so cool Wendy! I love how awesome it looks at night. It makes me want to go there and have a photo shoot like so many Koreans probably do hehe. It’s also very similar to the structure at leeum museum. Have you been here?

  4. Looks like a nice spot for photography. I imagine some photographers could get really creative with some of the angles and they way the light and reflections play off the various shapes.

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