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Brunching @ L’Atelier

This is the SPC Building at Itaewon.

facade of SPC Building

This is one posh building with equally posh cafe and restaurants. I have eaten in the cafe and the restaurants on different occasions and each time I come over, I am still amazed… the ambiance and the interiors are enough to make me want to spend time with friends here.

What’s inside?

candles were for my husband’s birthday while he was away on a business trip

The first floor has Passion 5, a dessert place that has a smorgasbord of cakes, pastries, sandwiches and breads. They are all eye-candies! Beautifully prepared and baked and displayed. It’s a visual feast. There aren’t many seats but those who are lucky may enjoy at the corners with soft cushions and chairs. My sons found us seats and got their eclairs. They may have been overwhelmed with all those colorful sweets in front of them.

Those who can’t be accommodated at the 1st floor may go up to the 2nd floor’s restaurant, L’Atelier where you may enjoy your choice of coffee. Aside from enjoying dessert here, L’Atelier also serves salads, rolls and pasta. The interior is heavenly white accentuated by reds.

brunch at L’Atelier – from not-so-long ago

I love this 2nd floor. It has 2 rooms you can reserve. On this condition: the reserved heads should order their dishes – not merely coffee and bread. Here’s one of the rooms you may exclusively reserve for your group:

Passionate at #Passion5

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And where can you see this?

Where is this tiled mosaic mural?… Inside a toilet!!!! Love it! #Latelier #Itaewon

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Yeah, inside the women’s toilet! I love seeing art works all over… even in toilets.

On another day, the boys and I had a fancy dinner at the 3rd floor. The restaurant is Vera Pizza.

Dinner at Vera

Where is this exactly located?

You won’t miss the SPC Building. A red bird awaits you.


the red bird awaits you

It’s at:

729-74 Hannam-dong
Seoul, Korea
How to come here?
Take the subway and get out of Hangganjin Station, Exit 3.Walk straight a little farther and you’ll see the glass building with a huge red bird and that majestic chandelier.
If you come by car, fret not about parking. There’s valet service and off you go enjoy your friends’ company.


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5 thoughts on “Brunching @ L’Atelier

  1. A big fan of toilet art myself, I was pleasantly surprised that such a fancy place didn’t forget to decorate the most visited space as well. That mosaic would definitely make you linger… Looking at your desert pics, I’m going to make a mental note to avoid that place – I have a huge sweet tooth and can’t pass up a too good to eat desert when I see one 😛

  2. What a quirky and cute little place! Korea is so good at that haha. I’ve never been but I can see myself going there often if I lived in Seoul. How pricey is the food? I also love the red bird outside, adds charm and character!

    1. hmmmm… desserts are a little bit pricey compared with other bakeshops. brunch set ranges from 12k-15k? The Vera Pizza on the 3rd floor is more pricey.

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