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Haneul Park in Autumn

Two years ago, I had a rendezvous with Haneul Park’s sunset and I got those magnificent and Fiery Autumn Sunset photos. It’s Autumn once again and this time, I went on a morning stroll with my friend and neighbor, Ingrid.

Morning walk. 425 steps up to Haneul Park. Neighborhood treadmill. #haneulpark🌾 #AutumnFeels

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Up at the sky park is our playground and treadmill. Uphill, we took the 425 steps going up to Haneul Park. Trivia: There are 2 stairs going up to Haneul Park. The stairs facing the World Cup Stadium has 291 steps. The other side facing Noeul Park has 425 steps.

Those tall Eulalia grasses are a sight to behold. They are the stars of Haneul Park every Autumn. The observatory lies in the middle of all these Eulalia and pampas grasses.

Haneul Park with its famed Observatory

On weekends, you would see a long line of people going up those stairs wanting to have a share of the beauty of Haneul Park. The place has become one of the must-go-to places in Autumn in Seoul. Don’t I feel lucky to be just a jogging distance away?

Autumn sunshine

On a good morning, my husband and I would do our morning jog. On a good morning! And mornings aren’t always good with me, lol.

There’s always some kind of festival every Autumn up in the park. I’ve noticed that draperies seem to be dominant props here in Mapo this Autumn. Down at the Oil Tank Culture Park, loosely hung yellow and orange draperies add dramatic effect. There are draperies up here too:

friend Ingrid with draperies at Haneul Park

Aside from these draperies, there are colorful cards where visitors can write down notes and hang them in the arched walkway leading to the observatory.

whimsical grasses are the stars up there at Haneul
you get these cards for free and a pen is also provided in an unmanned table.

These whimsical Eulalia grasses are good enough reasons for you to go up the 291 or 425 steps. But if you’re really physically challenged to go up on foot, there’s a tram that would take you from the entrance of Haneul Park.

whimsically dancing with the autumn breeze
spot that little birdy

How to get there?

Easily accessible by subway Line 6. Go down at Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station. As soon as you get out of Exit 1, you will have a clear glimpse of the 291-steps stairs going up to Haneul Park. Cross the road and the sight of it will lead you perfectly to the “sky”.


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8 thoughts on “Haneul Park in Autumn

  1. I admit that I have never made it over to Haneul Park in my 8 years of living in Seoul, and even more ashamed to admit that I just made it over to Olympic Park for the first time a few months ago, despite it being biking distance from my house. These gorgeous Eulalia grasses might make it worth it, if only it weren’t sooooo far from my house (and there weren’t already crowds of people lining up to see them). 😉

  2. I’m also a big fan of the Eulalia grass, we have it along the river and in some parks in Daejeon. Portrait photographs inside them are always my favorite. The only downside are the crowds that are all trying to do the same thing. Seoul must be full of great parks and its great to visit them through your pictures and writing.

  3. Yeah, it’s the crowd! I’m lucky I could spare some time during the weekdays when most are in their offices or schools. Weekends give a different landscape.

  4. Annyeong, Mommy Wendy! ;-D

    I miss you. I miss Seoul. I love your post (here and IG), I’m so delighted to see you blog, well, I’m trying to go back too. Please, next time, take me here too. ;-D

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