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Accommodation for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Who’s getting excited for the Winter Olympics 2018? Here’s our countdown!

It will be held here in Pyeongchang, South Korea and infrastructure and logistical preparations had been going on since. Alpensia Resort is one of the major facilities hosting the Winter Olympics 2018 so my family vacationed at the resort on a summer and a winter before all the “busy-ness” of the Winter Olympics gets in our way. The name ‘Alpensia’ is a combination of the words ‘Alpen,’ (German term for ‘the Alps’), ‘Asia,’ and ‘Fantasia’—together they reflect the resort’s scenic view of the ‘fantastic Alps of Asia.’

The complex has 3 luxurious hotels for winter wonderland pleasure! The resort actually operates whole year round and offers equally beautiful landscape that naturally changes as each season unfolds.

Holiday Inn Resorts at Alpensia

Holiday Inn Resorts is one of the hotels in the Alpensia Resort. I loved our stay here on a summer. If you have children like us, take the Kids Suite and you will love it! Our children had their own cozy room. The hotel management went the extra mile to make us one happy family. Check out more in my post here: Holiday Inn Resorts


Holiday Inn & Suites

So what’s the difference between Holiday Inn Resorts and Holiday Inn & Suites? The Holiday Inn Resorts has all the usual hotel services. The Holiday Inn & Suites is a condominium type accommodation. My husband got a 2-bedroom unit with a balcony. Since we went here on a winter, our balcony was always filled with snow:

balcony was always filled with snow

The suite had the loveliest view. We woke up to snowy slopes, signalling for us to have energetic start each day.

waking up to this view

At night, our friends gathered in our suite to warm ourselves with wine (and hot choco for the kids) before we would call it a day.

cozying up with this view at bedtime

What are the other attractions of Holiday Inn & Suites?

Aside from the balcony which would be perfect for Spring, Summer and Fall, you get a spacious living room, dining and kitchen. You can cook and prepare your own dishes! Kitchen has all the cooking and dining wares you need. I requested for additional wine glasses.

Living room

The Intercontinental Hotel

The Intercontinental Hotel is the most luxurious among the three hotels at Alpensia. I would have wanted to stay here on another trip but we haven’t got the chance to travel back there again. We freely went around Intercon on our holidays there.

golf putting green in front of the Intercontinental Hotel-Alpensia

The view at the back of the Intercon is more amazing!

The Intercontinental Hotel – Alpensia

Even if you can’t make it to Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, the hotels at Alpensia are worth to stay in.  My family liked it and I even want to go back again!

How to go there?

Car and shuttle buses are the most convenient. Check this out for more detailed and accurate options: http://www.alpensiaresort.co.kr/EnInfoRealInfoFindLoad.gdc


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9 thoughts on “Accommodation for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

  1. Love that kids bunk bed! Your boys must’ve had so much fun in it. I’m guessing this place will be rammed full of people come Olympics time, since it’s also the venue for ski jumping. It looks like a gorgeous place though, with lots to do in winter and summer.

  2. Oooh the olympics are acoming! I was recently having a conversation with a friend that was telling me the Korean government isn’t quite so happy with the current sales of tickets for this event, apparently they’ve only sold about 30-40% of the projected sales aka no good. And on top of it the US hasn’t confirmed athletes will attend due to tensions with N. Korea… It’s kinda sad to hear cause the govt had forecasted a huge economic boom from the olypmics but the current numbers aren’t too promising. Hopefully, this changes!

  3. That bunk bed is too cute! I’d definitely need extra wine glasses, too, so it’s good they took care of you. Isn’t it awesome having so many family-friendly options to get out of town and relax? Will you be going to see any of the Olympic games?

  4. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to view but two pictures in this post, the others had a stop sign. I found the name for Alpensia to be very humorous and definitely a Korean way to draw attention to their resort. Korea does have great mountains but are they worthy to be called Alps?!?

  5. Love the breakdown of the name Alpensia! Sometimes I mull over how properties are named. The kids suite looks INCREDIBLE! I love environments that provide a sense of comfort and entertainment. And its great that you can do your own cooking if you desire. Sometimes, its a nice treat to enjoy luxury places like one’s own home. I can’t believe the Olympics are only 52 days away!

  6. I’m sad that I’m no longer in Korea to go to some games (are tickets expensive anyways?). I actually heard that ticket sales were down but hopefully it’s a good turnout. I’ll be cheering on both Canada and Korea from home!

  7. I think its so exciting that the games are being held in South Korea! I’m sad I’m no longer there 🙁 But if I do know anyone travelling down, I’ll be sure to send them this guide for accommodation. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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